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adidas lenses available
adidas spare parts
adidas lenses available
a123 Silver Mirror lensa126/a134/a266 L  evil eye Grey lensa126/a134/a266 L  evil eye Brown lensa126/a134/a266 L  evil eye Orange bright lensa127/a135/a267 S evil eye Crystal silv Clear lensa127/a135/a267 S Evil eye  clear AF lensa127/a135/a267 S Evil eye  orange bright AF lensa138 Elevation Clear AF lensa154 T Sight LST Bright lensa158 Evil eye Climacool LST Active Gold lensa160 L adistar Clear AF lensa161 S adistar LST Active silv lensa162 Snow Goggle Orange Mirror lensa163 agilis Clear AF lensa164 Adivista L SPACE lensa165 adivista S - LST Vario AFa167 evil eye half rim LST Active AF lensa178 Tourpro - LST Vario lensa165 adivista S - LST active AFa185 Adizero tempo - clear AF lensa196 Tycane LST blue light Silver AF H lensa270 Thruster Crystal Clear lensa405 Raylor S - LST Contrast Silver lensAD01 LST Bright Blue M lens
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adidas lenses in stock - please note due to the change NZ distribution to another 
Models: a123 Gazelle, a124 a18 Golf, a126/a134/a266 L evil eye, a127/a135/a267 S evil eye, a138 Elevation,
a154 T Sight, a158 evil eye climacool, a10 adistar L, a161 adistar S, a162 snow goggle, a163 Agilis, a164 adivista L,
a165 adivista,  a167 evil eye half rim, a165 adivista S, a178 Tourpro, a185 adizero tempo,
a196 Tycane, a246 Twini, a270 Thruster, a405 Raylor S, AD01 ZONYK.    
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