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SOS X-WrapsSLASHER  PC polarised sunglasses for sport and recreation
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SOS X-WrapsSLASHER  PC polarised sunglasses for sport and recreation
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SOS X-Wraps Sunglasses For years, protective Performance Sunglasses have been the Eyewear of choice for outdoor enthusiasts, seeking to reduce glare and protect their eyes from damaging Sun, wind and flying debris.
In the past few years however, the fashion styling and protective benefits of sport Sunglasses have become a fashion statement, and are now being purchased in rapidly increasing numbers by those who watch as well as those who participate in Extreme Sport activiies.
This increased interest in sport styling for general purpose users has created a little realized problem for those who are mainly seeking serious eye protection. The market has been flooded by knock-offs, look-alikes and wanna-be "sport type" frames that are not technically designed to offer you maximum eye safety. Cheap plastic and nylon frames that quickly lose their shape are being fitted with poorly made, mass produced lenses that are not designed to offer you the full sun protection you need or the optical clarity and precision you required as a participant in Extreme Sports.
- All SOS X-Wraps are designed to offer the maximum possible eye protection, and do it with style! Fashion meets Function at Survival Optics Sunglasses. Our CSF Composite Shock Frames, comfortably wrap around your eyes and are durable and flexible, ready to absorb the punishment of even the most Xtreme Sports enthusiasts.
- Non-slip SofTouch Cushioned Temple Tips provide motion & bounce stability, keeping your SOS X-Wraps from slipping and sliding as you run. Our DuraLite Polycarbonate lenses are not only thinner and lighter in weight than traditional plastic lenses, but they are Shatter Proof and provide 100% Full Spectrum UV protection as well as shielding your eyes from Infrared Radiation, the leading cause of dry, scratchy eyes experienced as a direct result of exposure to the Sun.
- Whether you choose our exclusive TCO Smoke Lenses for True Color vision or our Enhance Brown? Lenses for heightened contrast and increased depth perception, with SOS DuraLite? Polycarbonate lenses, you'll experience optically correct, distortion free vision. You deserve nothing less. You can find them cheaper but you won't find them better than SOS Survival Optics Sunglasses.
- So whether you are into Biking, Golfing, Jogging, Soccer, or X-treme Sports like Wakeboarding, White Water Kayaking or Barefoot Skiing - SOS X-Wraps have got you (and your eyes) covered!
- To show you we are willing to put our money where your eyes are, we offer a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to insure your satisfaction.
SOS/3651 SLASHER Metallic blue /silver frame & PC orange lens
SOS/3652 SLASHER Blue /silver frame & PC FM smoke lens
SOS/3653 SLASHER Metallic Black & Polarised smoke lens
SOS/3654 SLASHER Black/silver frame & PC polarised brown lens
Features Benefits
Shatterproof PC lenses with full sprectrum OV protection
range of colur frames with various lens combinations
You can find them cheaper but you won't find them better than SOS: Survival Optics Sunglasses
Lifetime Replacement Guarantee to insure your satisfaction.
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