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Rocket - SPLAT - Childrens Sunglasses L 12cm wide
Chldrens Eye Protection
Rocket children's sunglases brought to you by the makers of Dirty Dog - children are especially venerable to the suns harmful UV rays, with their clear corneas and lenses they actually absorb more UV radiation than adults - every child must have a pair!

Rocket children's sunglasses pass all of the international standards for eye protection ensuring high quality sunglasses for the health and safety of children’s vision.
All Rocket sunglasses guarantee 100% harmful UV protection. Additionally, visible light block averages 85% and up to 50% infrared (heat block).

Rocket sunglasses come in a vast range of the latest styles, fashions and colour designs enabling the best fit for every child.
R-50- 24497 blue speckle metal w smoke lens
Features Benefits
100% UV protection
Cool wrap around frames
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